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Leela Gamlebyen

Fresh and vibrant yoga studio with a brand new studio space located in 'Gamlebyen', offering a variety of classes and yoga styles. Oslo's Jivamukti Affiliate Studio

 St. Halvards gt. 33, 0192 Oslo 


Joy Yoga

A joyous studio with a playful and strong community, dedicated to spread yoga in an accessible and joyful way. Located at the heart of Grünerlökka, offering a variety of classes and yoga styles.

Gøteborggata 23, 0566 Oslo


Aya Yoga

Beautiful and spacious yoga studio accessible located at 'Lille CC West'.

Offering a variety of yoga styles including Hot & Yin Yoga, but with an extra appreciation for the Vinyasa practice.

Lilleakerveien 14, 0283 Oslo



A local studio in the stunning area of Nordstrand offering a variety of classes to meet the diversity of their local neighborhood. A welcoming and inclusive community.

Kongsveien 91, 1179 Oslo


Oslo Yoga

As one of the longest existing yoga schools in Oslo, they've been offering a variety of classes, courses, trainings and hosting  the yearly Oslo Yoga Festival since 2002. A great contributor to the larger community of yoga in Oslo and Norway.

Kristiansands gata 2, 0463 Oslo



An intimate, warm and loving studio at Torshov offering a selection of asana and mindfulness practices to their local community.

Birch-Reichenwalds gt 25, 0483 Oslo