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It's great connecting with you

Thanks for stoping by and showing an interest <3 I've been teaching yoga since 2008, offering classes at several yoga studios in Oslo. Since 2023 (and over 10 years of teaching Jivamukti Yoga all around the city) I've co-founded, and offer regular classes at  Lokah Oslo - Jivamukti Yoga in Oslo, with my colleague Camilla Coucheron. 

I was introduced to the practice of yoga through my studies at the Norwegian University College of Dance (2003-2006), and mainly draw inspiration from my background in dance, earlier Asthanga practice and Jivamukti Yoga. Most importantly I've had the fortune to connect with outstanding teachers, who've kept the practice and studies of yoga interesting to me. I try to make an effort, to reconnect with them as often as I can, as to stay curious and keep learning. I'm also immensely inspired by music, books, nature & animals; by listening to, and observing people in the world. I am a movement addict, learning to appreciate stillness and silence. Forever dreaming of a free, kinder and peaceful world for all... lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu!

Here you can follow what I'm up to: classes, satsang, workshops, festivals, traveling and retreats. Please feel free to reach out, or stay in touch. Hoping to hear from, or see you in person soon :)

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