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Retreat yourself in the Norwegian mountains at Nösen Yoga

Inspiration found me sooner than expected, when I traveled to Nösen Yoga Mountain Lodge and Retreat Center during the Easter holidays. This place, just a 3 hour drive from Oslo, deserves some attention and you deserve to know about it's existence.

Nösen was founded and is run by Alexander Medin, a well- known and respected Ashtanga Yoga teacher from Norway. Since he took over the place it has housed amazing events and retreats with both local and international teachers, teaching yoga, meditation, philosophy and sanskrit, ecology, cooking workshops and such. They even have their own yoga festival happening in the month of July.

I've been fortunate and had the opportunity to both teach and visit Nösen several times. Every time I'm here I think to myself; 'I should come more often.' It is so accessible and close to Oslo, and I always get this deep, calm and spacious feeling when I'm here.

The lodge offers open, light and cozy 'norwegian- cabin- style' facilities surrounded by stunning and mind- expanding nature. This combined with high quality and authentic yoga teachings, often given by Alex himself, will surly give you a very special, unique and precious experience. You can also expect delicious vegetarian/vegan food, friendly and warm hearted staff and to leave with numerous of new and lovingly, growing friendships.

View from the shala.

This upcoming month, April 18th - 22nd, you even have the opportunity to retreat yourself with two of our most respected and beloved senior advanced Jivamukti Yoga teachers; Jules Febre and Rima Rabbath. This retreat offers a full 4- day program to immerse yourself in the Jivamukti Yoga method and to connect with new and 'old' friends from our Jivamukti satsang. It is truly a unique opportunity to study together and to practice with our fun, wise and heartfelt teachers, Jules and Rima. For more information and registration go to:

I hope that wherever you are, in the world or in your life, that you also can find a place of peace, spaciousness and mind expansion for yourself.

Be kind, be free, be yoga <3

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